How to arrange sponsorship as an athlete

The first point when you’re looking for sponsorship is to consider why a company would sponsor you. 

Where’s that budget coming from at that company, usually from the marketing budget, so what else would they spend that money on to help promote their company? 


It could be advertising, it could be using PR, and it could be doing direct mail campaigns to people’s doors. So what you’re providing as an athlete is an alternative way of them marketing their company. That’s the value you’re bringing to that company. 


Then you have to think of what value you provide as an athlete and you have an audience in some sports like equestrian sports, that audience is usually quite wealthy and can be a quite hard sector for companies to market to. You are the solution. 


So when you’re thinking about what sort of companies to approach you can go with equestrian industry companies, but also think about what companies are local to you and what companies would find marketing to that audience useful so that if they want to reach that higher income band of professionals.

It could be estate agents, hotels, restaurants, interiors, and antique shops; there are many options so think beyond the obvious.


What is the deal?


Most companies would spend around £400-£800 on an advert in a local glossy print magazine. They would probably be seen by an average of 20,000 people. Can you provide a better return on investment for them? Yes, I’m sure you can.


What can you offer?


Social Media posts to your audience

Stories about you in your local newspapers

Logos on saddle pads, clothing, and horsebox (for regular supporters)


Special events:

Speaking at a client event about your sport and career

Letting them bring key clients to watch you ride


How much should you ask for?


If you are getting a product then add up the monetary value of that product. If you have an entry fee paid or a stable or hotel cost at a competition paid for then that is your amount.


Use these multiples as a guide.


£50 – Two social media posts as an advert for their company


£250 – Two social media mentions plus a mention in your local press or a special event 


When it comes to logos you can use your discretion but I would always ‘save’ those for regular supporters. 

If you have any questions email me

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