Book Launch News: The Climb by Martin Bissett

The Climb – an ascent into the childhood’s imagination


“This is a story that is both tangible and effervescent, exploring the depths of individual morality. “


The Climb is a brand-new children’s book by established author Martin Bissett. Martin has published twelve books, but this is his first illustrated story and his first for children as part of a four-part series. 

The Climb by Martin Bissett

The Climb is based on a dream that the six-year-old Martin had, making it an exciting exploration of childhood imagination. The book is written with the perspective of adulthood, as Martin looks back upon a childhood dream as a grown man. 

The book explores the story of a little boy named James, who is six years old, and who is dreaming. James had saved all his pocket money for the toy he’d set his heart on. The small toy shop sits on the top of a big, steep hill. James has to climb the hill, but a chance meeting gives him a big choice to make. 

The Climb is a poignant reflection of where dreams can lead us to, and the interaction with the old man creates a beautiful fable. This is a story that is both tangible and effervescent, exploring the depths of individual morality. The Climb is also a showcase of new and gorgeous illustrations by Pamela Carter.


As Martin describes,

 “This has been a 4 year journey to tell a 39 year old story. To start a new book series for a completely new audience is a very rewarding experience for me. It is an inclusive story and a book for young grown-ups, but also for grown-up children. It’s one for multiple generations of families to enjoy together. All profits from the book sales will go to the Upward Spiral Foundation; a foundation that helps people to feel less helpless, hopeless or homeless”

The Climb is already stocked by 75 libraries in England and Martin is happy to provide readings in schools and libraries across the country. 

The Climb is available from independent retailers and amazon globally:

Waterstones (UK): 

WHSmith (UK) 

The Book Depository (UK): 

Foyles (UK):,martin-bissett-9781739742102 

Blackwell’s (UK): 



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