Admire PR Book Recommendations 2021

Through 2021 we have had the honour and privilege to support several independent publishers and authors for the launch of their books. Here is our round up ahead of Christmas – there amy be some great gift ideas!

With thanks to Discover Your Bounce Publishing , Hullo Creative , SilverWood Books  and Swatt Books.


Children’s Books

More Sausages

More Sausages’ is a delightful new children’s book by author Arabella Bumfuzzle.

Having spent many years volunteering in a Dog Rescue Centre, Arabella portrays the behaviour and possible thoughts experienced by the dogs through a series of entertaining happenings.

The book is set to become a firm favourite among dog and animal loving children and is aimed at those aged 6-9 years.

To buy the book you can follow the link here

Richard Smith Piano Books

From being responsible for marketing ‘The Beatles’ recordings in Germany, then writing, playing on, arranging, conducting and producing records, Richard Smith provides inspiration for a healthy hobby for families departing lockdown; to learn and enjoy piano together.

Richard has created a series of cleverly constructed books aimed at children, parents and music teachers from learning duets (very fun!!) and sight reading to composing and understanding the importance of posture. There are several to choose from which can be purchased through this LINK


Personal Journey Books

Branches Of My Tree

Each passage in Branches of my Tree is written from the perspective of different people in author Fabiha ‘Deem’ Haq’s life.

The writing in her book is derived from her personal experiences throughout childhood and into her adult life, from leaving her hometown to navigating the trials of marriage and motherhood in an unfamiliar culture.

To check out more about Branches Of My Tree, and even purchase the book you can follow this LINK.


Bridie Walker – Unstoppable

Bridie Walker has faced, battled, and overcome many struggles throughout her life. She was
labelled as a write off and no good when she fell pregnant at 14 years old, at age 21 Bridie
worked as a lap dancer whilst supporting her two children.

Over the years, she has suffered a stroke, faced two divorces, and has built her business, lost her business, and declared bankruptcy. It wouldn’t be surprising to any if Bridie gave up, but every setback spurred her forwards, moulding the roadmap to her future success.

Bridie has spent the last year working on her debut book offering honest heartfelt advice,
detailing her own experiences, to help women change their lives and become Unstoppable.

The book can be purchased online here:

From Broken to Brave

Samantha Pearce is the author of the beautiful book ‘From Broken to Brave’ which includes the journey of her life, with both good and bad turning points. She talks through the lessons she has learnt throughout it.
“My life has not been particularly extraordinary, and at the tender age of 42, I can appreciate that it’s not been that long either. I’m also acutely aware that there are people in this world who have had a far worse time in life than I have, but I have had more than my fair share of tough times and bad experiences.”

To purchase From Broken to Brave, follow the link

Richard Hall Sailaday

Richard Hall is author of the book ‘Sailaday’ an awe inspiring account of personal experiences in overcoming addictions.

He describes his professional journey also, of helping others heal and the creation of his charity called ‘Sailaday OK’, which provides a therapeutic sailing program.

The program is very intriguing, including marine based adventure therapy.

To purchase Richard’s book, follow the link here:


Business and Politics Books

No Decisions Managers

A no-decision manager is someone who avoids decision making at every possible turn. These kinds of leaders can make life difficult for subordinates and they can become a catalyst in helping to destroy a business.

No-decision managers survive in all different types of organisations, whether that be public or private, finding themselves in positions of top management. This ultimately means that one day you will be forced to work with one.

Luckily Grant Tait has noticed this. He is the author to the book ‘How To Become a No-Decision Manager’, which goes into detail about these kinds of people.

More information can be found through this link:

Painting Britain Blue: Why the Conservatives keep winning and how Labour have let them.

Jamie Parker, an experienced strategy consultant, First Class Honours Cambridge graduate,
and politics researcher has written his first book, Painting Britain Blue – Why the Conservatives keep winning and how Labour have let them.

In his book, Parker seeks to explain how the Conservative Party, which historically has been
associated with the political interests of the rich and privileged, has proved so much more
effective than the Labour Party, which was founded to represent working people, at winning
and holding political power.

An interesting read, you can purchase through the link here:


‘SUCCEED!: An Inspirational Toolkit For The Serious Entrepreneur’

Iqhlak Hussain writes ‘SUCCEED!: An Inspirational Toolkit For The Serious Entrepreneur’, a cleverly written book for those interested in business, including how you go about setting up and maintaining a business.

“This book is fundamental to the launch of any business venture. If you wish to succeed in business like we have with Ihqlak’s advice, read his book as the advice offered is best of the best.”

Marc Greene, Director & Founder – Skirting World Ltd

To read more about the book and purchase, follow the link:


Fiction Books

The Director

Stacey Campbell and Tracy Firks are the creators of the brilliant novel ‘The Director’.

Based around recently divorced character Chloe Taylor, the novel follows her on an emotional journey through Las Vegas.

Caught up in past relationships between realms of love and lust, for those who love a hot and heavy novel, this is the book for you!

To find out more about the book or to purchase, follow the link:

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