The Release of New Children’s Book – ‘More Sausages’

‘More Sausages’: Every Dogs Dream is a delightful new children’s book by author Arabella Bumfuzzle.  

Having spent many years volunteering in a Dog Rescue Centre, Arabella portrays the behaviour and possible thoughts experienced by the dogs through a series of entertaining happenings. 


The book is set to become a firm favourite among dog and animal loving children and is aimed at those aged 6-9 years. 

In addition, parents who are rescuing a dog for their family will benefit greatly from purchasing this book for the whole family to enjoy together. Helping understand what dogs have been through in the kennels before becoming a new member of the family is vital, and Arabella’s book words the encounter perfectly for a child to digest.


The story is based around a dog named Carter, only two years old. Carter’s owners are becoming old, and are retreating to a retirement home where dogs are banned. The couple decide to give Carter reluctantly to a shelter. Here, the Collie learns the hardships of living there. Hungry, bored and homesick, a great deal of his time is spent performing for the public as they pass him by each day as he desperately tries to get a forever home. 


The author knows the power of a sausage!


“In all my years of volunteering at the Rescue Centre, I discovered that the quickest way to make friends with a dog was with a sausage. I spent many happy days, just me and a dog, in a field with a ball and a bag of sausages. It was very rewarding knowing that by walking the dogs together and socialising them that you were helping them get a forever home.”


With this book comes another positive. With the sale of every book, a proportion of that profit is given to the Blue Cross. Cleverly written, ‘More Sausages’ is fun, packed with adventure, and provides an educational experience for children.


You can order your copy of ‘More Sausages’ here:


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