Surviving the Winter: 16 Tips and Tricks

In a conversation at work, I realised I wasn’t alone in despising the winter months. Though beautiful, the leaves turning brown also filled me with dread – knowing this only meant the cold and dark was approaching. The conversation turned to us coming up with ways we could embrace the winter – almost romanticizing it. 


After realising we had a brilliant list of ideas, we both agreed it would be a terrific idea for a blog to help the countless people who are more – ‘the summer people’.


1. Put Your Money Where Your Pocket Is

Money goes fast in the winter with Christmas. If possible, try to set some money aside each month to fund your winter adventures. Although the activities suggested won’t be too harsh on your bank account, organising some extra cash will take away the guilt that you may feel for spending it in the first place.

2. Sanity is a cozy life

I found when searching my wardrobe, that I have no cozy and stylish clothes. It is important to feel comfortable in what you wear, and important to feel good. Buying a few woolly winter clothes can help you take some control over your appearance, and make you look forward to facing the cold.


3.Earth and Fire to Battle the Wind

For those who like being outdoors, plants are perfect. You can bring the outside world into your home, jazzing up your property. Not only this but candles can also bring the light into your home.


4. Christmas Markets!

Christmas may not be your idea of a fun day out, but inviting a friend out and having a few treats and a browse gets you out the house and socialising (and maybe… give you some festive feelings!)


5. Shaking off the Xmas Belly Early

For those who use the outdoors for exercise, there’s nothing worse than coming home and it being dark. Joining the gym for the winter months or attending group runs is a perfect way to keep in touch with your body and mind!


6. Lights, Camera, Action!

Light shows are a fantastic way to embrace the cold nights. Search up light shows in your area coming up in winter and book a few. My personal favourite is the light show in Westonbirt Arboretum.


7. Art Attack!

Romantasize the winter by visiting an Art Gallery or Museum. It doesn’t have to be big – it could just be your local. The art may even inspire you to do your own!


8. Christmas Concerts

Concerts can be pricey, but by glancing at your local venue, you may find something that tickles your fancy. One of our local venues did an amazing 80s music night, and for many it took them back in time!


9. Winter Scrapbooking

Taking photos and recording the times you had into a scrapbook could motivate you to go out more – and when you feel like the Winter was never full of smiles, you can look back on everything you’ve done.


10. Coffee Dates for One

Having a coffee by yourself can be a lovely way to spend time with yourself. Taking a book, or listening to some music whilst ordering solo, is an entertaining way to care for yourself!


11. Learning to Knit

This may seem like a granny survival tip – but even Tom Dailey knits! It is a skill that is low cost and lets you spend some time winding down. You may even be able to make yourself a scarf or winter jumper – fitting for the winter months!


12. Strike!

It may seem old school, but bowling with your friends is a fun and easy activity to get you out of the house and socialising. It can be a great laugh, and you could discover a hobby or maybe even a skill.


13. A Treat to the Spa

Whether you are leaving the house or not, a spa night with yourself or a couple of friends results in a relaxing night, needed for the soul!


14. Ice Skating (Or Falling)

It may be festive, but it is a huge laugh! Whether you grab onto the side or skate like a pro, it makes an intriguing evening.


15. Bottle of Wine and a Board Game Night

You heard it right! It is surprisingly fun. Sitting, chatting and drinking whilst competing! Search the backs of your cupboards for those old games that you’ve kept and hardly used. 


16. Winter Treks with Style!

Find a trail you can go on and pop on comfy shoes or a pair of wellies. If you’re walking alone, a podcast is an excellent solution. My personal favourite is a true crime or self care podcast (two ends of the spectrum!)


Sometimes the cold can cause you to feel gloomy, but hopefully by undertaking these activities, it may make the winter months fly by, or help you enjoy them!

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