Matching Minds for Mental Health; technology startup ‘Paranimo’ is changing the way mental health is accessed and delivered across the UK.

Paranimo is a Bristol based mental health technology start up on a mission to:

  • Reduce the complexity of finding the most relevant UK Therapist by the use of innovative matching technology.

  • Increase the accessibility to, and facilitate the delivery of, private online talking therapy to people with existing and emerging Mental Health issues.

  • Support the availability and employment of private Mental Health talking Therapists across the UK.

They believe getting the right mental health support doesn’t have to be complicated or dependent upon where you live.

To solve these challenges, Paranimo have created an “all in one” Mental Health platform designed to match people’s mental health circumstances to UK based private therapists’ areas of expertise using a unique matching system. They have built a secure and accessible therapy environment they call the “Virtual Therapy Room” delivered over video – meaning location is never a hindrance to accessing the Mental Health support people need.

Co-founder Matthew Vamplew knows from personal experience that the whole process of accessing mental health support is challenging – especially when support is needed throughout life. The existing routes for accessing private Mental Health Therapy are both complex and confusing – adding additional stress and anxiety to a person seeking it.


“Accessing mental health support in the UK is challenging. I know first hand and am certainly not the only one. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Paranimo was born out of this experience, to help make access to mental health support less complex or limited by your location. We are at the start of our journey and I am very excited about what we can achieve and the positive difference we can have on mental health in the UK.”

Matthew was convinced that through technology, access to mental health support could be done better and the seed of an idea emerged; an all in one mental health platform designed to match people’s unique mental health circumstances specifically to UK based therapists’ areas of expertise regardless of location,

“I shared this concept with my now Co-Founder Daniel who was concluding his PhD in Neuroscience. We both agreed that this “matching concept” could be our chance to revolutionise the way mental health is sought and delivered in the UK. In Latin “Par” means Match and “Animo” means Mind and in May 2019 Paranimo was born. We have gone from strength to strength, testing our platform with both clients and therapists to ensure we have a solution that works for both.”

“We have won two Innovate UK grants to help support the mental wellbeing of vulnerable people across the UK as well as the employment of private therapists. Having that government backing really gives me confidence that what we offer can make a difference. We have also been selected as a finalist for the Business Leader Covid-19 Business Hero Award!”

Therapist Jo Hooper is excited to be part of the launch,

“I was drawn to it because it’s evident Matthew and Dan have spent a lot of time understanding the challenges faced by both sides of the therapeutic relationship; people seeking mental health support and therapists wishing to provide it. Most of all, I like the ethical approach they have taken towards the business. Therapy is still a very difficult and often confusing service to access and unfortunately people still find it hard to find a therapist that’s right for them. Paranimo have accepted this challenge, head on, and carefully crafted a way of providing a quality product for matching the right client with the right therapist – which is so important for both parties. And the process is so simple! I honestly believe this will be a great way forward for growing my therapy practice and for those in need of mental health support.”

Paranimo have also signed collaboration agreements with the National Counselling Society, the Disability Union and Carer Support Wiltshire who support unpaid carers living in Wiltshire.

To find out more about and get access to the mental health support that’s right for you, visit

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