Announcing the launch of Successful Business Networking Online – build your business using powerful online connections.

Lockdown has changed business forever.

With this in mind, one the UKs most experienced networkers, Ladey Adey, has created the first book dedicated to online networking.

“Turning to the internet for business networking has been a direct response by business
people continuing to trade through times of pandemic and lockdown. Our businesses need
to survive and thrive or ‘bounce back’ and continue. A networking marketing strategy is a
superb way to do this.” Ladey Adey

This comprehensive book by Ladey Adey unlocks critical secrets to guide business people through the principles required to move their businesses forward using online networking.

This book helps:
 How to become successful using Online Networking post Covid-19.
 Discover the secret strategies to online networking and avoid common online
 How to Beat Zoom Fatigue.
Successful Business Networking Online includes over 100 interviews of super successful
business owners and seasoned networking professionals.
“You will find this book is jam-packed with pertinent information. There are huge
opportunities out there for those armed with the knowledge to gain more customers and
have thriving businesses.”

The book has received endorsement by networking gurus from around the world, Dr Ivan Misner – BNI Founder, Brad Burton – 4N, Networking Authors: Andrea Nierenberg, Andy
Bounds and Michael Heppell and Professor Gary Bosworth, Newcastle Business School who said “This book should be an essential resource for all Business School Libraries”.


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