The 2024 Admire PR Manifesto

It’s that time of year again when I (Andrea) set out the plans for the year.

Our manifesto looks at the team, the culture of Admire PR, and our main goals for the coming year.


The team

This year we have completely re-jiggled the team. Kira and Clive have stepped up to management roles enabling me to start to work more on business development as well as my beloved client strategy and crisis planning work. 

Izzy, Jess, and Vikki have consolidated their skills and epitomise the Admire values of tenacity, curiosity, and thoughtfulness.

I fully believe we are going into 2024 in a very strong position to do the best ever work for our clients and I have to thank Gareth Sanders for his incredible support in this process. 


The work

We keep it simple. PR is simple.

We protect our clients’ reputations.

We build their positive reputations by getting them press coverage and award nominations. 

2024 will see us doing more of this work. More positive reputations means we are, boosting businesses and the local economy, and therefore local employment. We are a small part of a vital economic machine. 



Learning and mentoring. These are the things that will support the future of our industry and the future of our country. As a team, we are always learning – not only from ‘best practice’ PR and marketing but also we learn so much from each other. We all have different life experiences and all bring something new (and sometimes unexpected) to the team. 

In the next year, we will continue our quest to be curious about everything and I will personally continue to share the things I have learned over the past 18 years in business with others who ask for my knowledge. I learn so much from my mentees it’s a precious experience for me as well. 

This past year I have been so lucky to mentor for Babbasa, Loughborough University London Campus, and also my private mentees who have contacted me individually. Looking forward to what 2024 brings to me in terms of new mentees.


Personal stuff 

Some of you will know that I am returning to competitive equestrian sport after what will be nearly 17 years of retirement. I will be 48 in 2024 and I’m determined to be in better physical and mental condition than ever before. I am getting fitter every day. I have heady ambitions with my new ride Nemo and hope to gain another ride too in the future to take the pressure off him needing to be everything. I am back coaching a select few clients each month. And working towards my UKCC level 2 and dressage judging qualifications. Working with the horses inspires me at my ‘day job’; the horses keep me mentally balanced and help my work.


In conclusion 

Above all, I want to provide a stimulating, caring, and inclusive environment for our staff and clients to thrive in. 

Bring on 2024.


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