Top 3 Things Marketing Officers Need To Know About PR


PR is an integral part of the marketing strategy for business, and so chief marketing officers need to have a strong understanding of how to successfully elevate their PR efforts. 


Like many other industries, PR has adapted to the new digital age, especially in the wake of a global pandemic that forced many of us to work remotely. PR is far more multifaceted than ever before and this environment means that campaigns need to be personalised to an individual business and their desired outcomes. 


Here are 3 top tips that any chief marketing officer needs to know about PR before attempting to implement change in the way they run their marketing, 


  1. Realising that PR is an integral part of marketing strategy 


Whilst it may feel like it goes without saying, PR is one of the most important assets in any business’s marketing strategy. As a marketing officer, you need to be clued up on the trends and what will really push your company in the right direction. PR is all about quality and quantity, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and really get your campaign out there. Little bursts are not going to win the race, but rather a consistent effort to establish your marketing efforts. PR is an integral part of marketing strategy because it is not a quick fix, it is something you really have to work at for a period of time. This realisation that PR is not going anywhere, brings upon the reality that a chief marketing officer needs to be constantly looking at ways to diversify and create change. 


    2. Planning your strategy 


Once you have realised the importance of PR strategy, you next need to plan out your upcoming steps. Developing an authentic PR strategy requires collaboration, you need to assess what has gone wrong in the past and what has been done correctly in order to move forward. Take into account any internal or external factors on your business’s PR strategy and outline your goals for the future. A timeline can be a beneficial way of tracking your results, looking at where you want to be at each moment in time. 


   3. Looking at the outcomes and what you want to achieve 


You should always look at PR as a long-term strategy, the trust of your business is only elevated once a prospect googles you and sees where you have been featured. Locations like high-end magazines and personal blogs, only reinforce your brand. Knowing your long-term outcomes means that you have an awareness as a marketing officer of the sort of places you want your business to be published.


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