The three P’s of Publicity

Publicity – now that’s a scary word for some.


What actually is publicity? 


In marketing, it is defined as:


The public visibility or awareness for any product, service, person or organisation. It may also refer to the movement of information from its source to the general public, often (but not always) via the media.


We promise that with a little help along the way, it is pretty straightforward.


Before you start the process of any outreach, I want you to think about our 


  • Three P’s Of Publicity.




Before starting the press process or approaching any outreach or publication, it is important to make sure that you have a plan. This is to ensure that you don’t just push out a fuzzy idea, hoping for the best.


Having a great idea without having any plan at all in place and not even knowing where to go with it, is not the best way to go. You wouldn’t get into a car without knowing the destination right?.


What would be your dream outcome, Brainstorm, make a vision board and see where planning can get you, then you have a foundation to work from.


Thinking ahead and having a plan gives you some sense of direction and a foundation to start from. It doesn’t matter if it changes along the way slightly, what’s important is the fact that there is a plan in place that you and your PR team can work from.


Without having a destination in mind, you won’t be able to chase the correct media channels for outreach.




When you are on your journey of seeking the results for your business, it doesn’t always mean you will see the guaranteed “yes” or the big results straight away, you might even get some knockmbacks at the beginning and that is ok.


Don’t fall at the first hurdle and let this knock you back. Instead, get back up and continue even harder. Whether that be the right editor coming in line or you start working with some bloggers for extra exposure, persistence is key!.




Along with persistence is also patience. To keep going and ride the wave, however long it may feel. Slow and steady wins the race and patience is definitely a virtue right?


Ultimately publicity is a marathon, not a sprint and you have to be willing to be present in the process.


By applying these principles and using them to your brand’s advantage, you will be able to implement anything on your business journey.


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