Admire PR unveils a new look to take them into the next stage of their business growth.

Admire PR is pleased to unveil a new look that will take them through the next years of business. The agency, well known for their work with sport, B2B and charity, has been on a steady growth trajectory for two years and wanted to future-proof the brand.

Founder of Admire PR, Andrea Bristol, chose to work with branding expert Danny Matthews for this project. Danny comments,

“Having watched Admire PR grow at the impressive hands of Andrea, I was excited to work with her and the Admire team. It’s clear that as they have grown, larger clients from all over the world could see the value in what she does, and together we aligned in wanting to see their identity match their values and maturity in their sector. I knew that by taking them through the Brand Confidence® process, it would give them what they needed to communicate who they were in the best possible way. They have a bold and bright future ahead.”

Andrea started Admire PR when she became disillusioned with the way some practitioners in the PR industry treated their clients and their staff. She felt that PR needed its own PR. 

“We pride ourselves on being the ideal ‘backing singers’ for our clients, the stars. Producing effective work for our clients, as well as providing a safe and enjoyable place to work that enables new talent to discover working in PR. I’m proud of the team we have built over the past year and am looking forward to the next steps in our company’s growth. The new branding work by Danny will support our ambitions. I am looking forward to the future.”


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