DressurFit® and Aubenhausen Academy Masterclasses Launched in English

Aubenhausen Academy are pleased to announce the renowned fitness programme developed by Olympic, World Cup and European champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and the masterclass courses are now available in English.

Launching on the 9th May, there is a special 50% off deal available on the 9th and 10th May.


DressurFit® is an online fitness programme specifically designed for riders to improve their seat and communication with the horse. A more balanced, more quiet seat helps the rider give better and more accurate aids, which in turn will help them take their riding to the next level.

DressurFit® starts with a 12-week-programme to help you build up your rider fitness step by step. The programme involves a combination of functional fitness, neuro-athletics and yoga to best prepare the rider physically and mentally, create a quiet and balanced seat, better motor-skills and movement patterns, focus and stability.

The programme includes regular fitness tests, which Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Marcel Andrä created. The tests allow each participant to easily track their own progress and they allow the team to provide a personalised training plan with corrective exercises tailored to each individuals needs.

How it all started:

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl:

“About 10 years ago, I had a young horse with really big,
amazing movements that I just couldn’t sit to. So I had two options – either ride the trot
smaller, so that I can sit properly or do something about my rider fitness so that I can really
help the horse develop its full potential – and that’s what I did… Together with a team of
experts, I started to develop a fitness programme for me and my team and the results we
could see and feel on the horses were just amazing. So about three years ago, we wanted to
make this available to every rider online and that’s how DressurFit® started.”

Dressage Masterclasses – Aubenhausen Academy

The training yard of Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is called Aubenhausen – which is where the name  Aubenhausen Academy comes from. They receive so many inquiries for lessons and courses and it’s simply impossible to fit them into their busy schedule. So they decided to create online courses on specific topics in order to share their training philosophy and methods with as many people as possible.

A guideline we use for nearly everything in training is: “Start early and take lots of time”.

“We often see riders wait to train advanced movements like half passes, flying changes, the canter pirouette or the piaffe until the horse has reached the advanced level, but then suddenly expect results within a short period of time. We have found that it often makesmuch sense for the horses to prepare them early and only progress in very tiny baby steps, like for example, work on transitions, flexion and bend, collection in the canter with the pirouette in mind, without actually training the pirouette. We always want our horses to understand what we’re asking and to feel like it is easy for them. Timing and positive feedback is so important for that. That’s how they will always be motivated and eager to
work with you and learn more.”

All the Dressage Masterclasses include a series of real training videos with horses ranging from Youngsters to Grand Prix. The videos show you step by step how to prepare and train certain dressage movements including the teams favourite exercises, lots of tips, mental images as well as worksheets that will help riders analyse and reflect on their own training.

The videos show different types of horses and real-life training challenges and solutions.

The first three online courses available in English are:

The effective warm-up
– How to use the warm-up to best prepare the horse for a successful training session
– Different exercises and techniques for different horses (ages and types)
– Use the warm up to establish rhythm, activate the hindlegs, stretch the muscles,
create a good contact and gymnasticise the horse on both sides
– Keep your horse healthy and motivated

The Shoulder-In
– An essential movement throughout every level to help you create better balance and
– Help you horse really understand the diagonal aids
– Improve bend, flexion, reaction to the aids and suppleness
– Perfect preparation for most advanced movements

The Canter-Pirouette
– We don’t actually train the pirouette itself very often, but rather break it down into
its components: bend, collection, balance

– This course contains amazing exercises to build topline muscles
– How we train transitions between gaits, tempo changes and changes of frequency
within the canter
– Improve collection, self-carriage and the quality of canter

DressurFit Deal

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Save 50% on DressurFit® & all our online Dressage Masterclasses on May 9 th and 10 th , 2022.

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