Social Media done right

Why on earth would you get a PR agency to do your social media?

Here is why.

Everything you put out on social media and everything your staff put out reflects you as a business. There is no line between personal and professional any more. If its online, it is part of your brand. Your personal brand is part of your business brand.

This is YOUR reputation.

Don’t leave it to chance.

As a PR agency we are best placed to:

  • Build your ideal audience of ‘real’ people who want to hear your news
  • Write content that reflects your business and marketing goals
  • Protect your reputation by dealing with negativity
  • Help you develop new leads
  • Grow your audience in a sustainable way
  • Add in ‘extra’s’ such as award entries and press coverage
  • Train your staff in how to use their social media
  • Create crisis management plans


In essence we take care of all your social media needs so you can focus on running your business.



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