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Ignite Your PR


An in depth session where we investigate how PR will fit into your marketing strategy**. We will look at which elements of PR will work best for you. Following the session you will receive a round up of ideas of how use PR in your business or career, plus an outline timeline for activity.


Following the session, there is an option to have us help you implement your strategy at a special hourly rate.

**This session is also suitable for discussing other communication strategies such as your overall social media strategy or communicating a business change or potential issue.

Book and Product Launches

You’ve written your book or created a new product and now you need customers. Let us help you get the reviews you deserve.

We look at who that audience is, for example – who your reader is, then devise a strategy to put your book in front of them. We work on getting reviews and author interviews in the publications and media outlets that will most likely be read, watched and listened to by an audience likely to buy the book.


aiming for 2 - 3 reviews


aiming for 4-5 reviews


aiming for 10 reviews

Launch packages are priced based upon the amount of coverage we are aiming for.

A book or product launch campaign will normally take 8-12 weeks and I can split invoicing over that period. 

PR Risk Assessment

We believe that everything you say and do is PR.

Does your company have a Crisis Communications plan?

What happens if you get a negative comment on social media or in a review? 

Book a risk assessment with us and get: 

Advice on 

  • Weak points in your business that could be a future PR risk
  • Training your staff about social media use
  • Handling negativity and crisis communications
  • How to make a crisis plan and how to execute it


PR Risk Assessment

A strategy sessio to help protect your business
£ 264
  • Overview of your business structure and strategy
  • Analysis of potential risk points
  • Clear strategy and plan for handling negativity

Award Entries

Starting at £355

Entering awards has so many advantages for a business and a team. They can provide amazing opportunities for PR and promotion as well as giving you a chance to network with key people in the industry. Award entries also give you a chance to give back to your team by thanking them for their hard work. 72% of the companies we enter for awards get shortlisted, so let us help you increase your chances of reaching that gala dinner.

As part of the awards package, we research the award submission criteria and are fully aware of what the judges require. Your award entry will be written and submitted for you, plus we will provide a report containing ideas of other awards that are suitable for your company.  £355

Subsequent award entries for the same client are charged at £155 per entry. 

Complete PR Packages

Relax and let us take care of all your PR needs.

These complete PR packages are especially suitable for charities**, growing businesses, and those who are re-branding and have regular communication and press requirements. 

All monthly packages include an initial strategy session where we discuss all aspects of your marketing. This is repeated every 6 months.

** Please note that we have a special pricing available for charities and not for profits. Please contact us directly to discuss this.


6 months minimum contract term
£ 566 per month
  • One press article a month
  • One award entry per 6 months


6 months minimum contract term
£ 1,056 per month
  • Two press articles a month
  • One award entry per 6 months
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