What I learned at SportsPro Live


Admire boss lady, Andrea Bristol, joins industry elites at SportsPro Live at The Kia Oval at the end of April 2023.


Yes, it took me a few weeks to write this – but that has also given me time for reflection. Firstly, SportsPro Live was an incredibly well organised event, and my kudos go to the team for pulling off what is a very complex event in style. I’ve been around long enough to know it’s not easy. Being at a top sporting venue with so much history has its own inspiration. I could feel the energy of excellence exuding from the pitch. Being surrounded by that excellence always sends me back into the top athlete mindset I developed in my equestrian career, and seems to refuel my imagination.


My top learnings are perhaps not revolutionary, but a nod to common sense.


Humans need humans

 Overall, this event shows that human connection wins every time. Whether we sell a product or service, or how technologically advanced mankind gets, ‘people will buy people’. You can’t beat a handshake, a random conversation about golf (yes Kevin, I’m talking to you) and a quick hug of those who have helped you out in the past (Steve…). 


Growth mindset builds business

To build a high performing team culture, you need a common purpose. Every single team member needs to be aligned with the purpose and have a growth mindset. 


Psychologist Professor Carol Dweck coined the term ‘growth mindset’ when she researched how people’s beliefs about themselves and their abilities can affect their lives.

People with a growth mindset believe that if they’re not as good as they’d like to be at something, they can work at it and improve. Setbacks are re-framed as new challenges to overcome, and failure can be used as a springboard to bigger and better things.* 


I’ve come away looking at how to encourage and build a growth mindset in my team at Admire PR. 


Supporting young people in a hybrid world

Another common theme was the ‘death of the office’ and the need to support young people who don’t have a daily office routine. As a fully flexible team with no central office space, this is something that I think a lot about. I know I can do better at communication and building the team culture to be even better than it is. Straight back to the growth mindset and being open to learning.




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