Natalie Bedford: An Artist In Her Element

Bath artist Natalie Bedford announces her new exhibition ‘In my Element’.


From the 5th of October through to the 16th, Natalie Bedford will be exhibiting a new collection of art at 44AD, Bath. 


This new exhibition by Natalie is a celebration of her love for water and swimming – for sea, quarries, rivers and pools. As an artist well known for her use of different media, Natalie does not like to limit herself artistically. This exhibition will showcase work with print, collage, painting, drawing and more. Not only will there be large paintings where viewers will feel immersed in the water but also smaller works and prints. Other artworks will be interactive with further pieces being slowly created throughout the life of the exhibit. 


Smaller framed pieces with accessible price points to larger canvases means viewers can take a piece home for themselves.


Natalie explains her inspiration, 


“I feel ‘in my element’ in the water. As soon as I get into the water, the environment changes. From air – one element – to water – another element – the world drastically morphs around me. A swimmer straddles the line between two worlds, cutting through a barrier only millimetres thick.”


“With In My Element, it’s like I want you to come swimming with me. Shades of blue. Water; seaweed. Greens. Small fish. Large swimming pools. Endless oceans. Water is all around us, and with ‘In My Element’ the viewer finds themselves engaged with their surroundings and experiencing an environment – moving through water.”


Stories, quotes, thoughts, and ideas will be collected from participating viewers and visitors can watch Natalie working during the exhibition. There will also be a free children’s workshop for all kids to join, where they can flex their own creative muscles, engaging the world of art and water all at once and together. 


“My aim is to make this an inviting space, where the visitors feel welcome. To encourage those who feel they ‘wouldn’t normally go to an exhibition’ to try it and discover something new, fresh and even playful.”


For more details about ‘In My Element’ and to sign up for the kids workshops, visit:



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