Ladies Loos: The Haven of Networking

You’re probably wondering where this blog is going. And to be honest reader, we don’t blame you. At Admire, we are a beautifully strange bunch. But stick with us on this one.

Networking is a great thing, not only business wise, but for personal reasons too. Recently our boss lady Andrea attended a networking event, to find that her closest contacts she discovered were people she spoke with in the ladies toilets! A whole 4 to be precise.

But is this much of a surprise? Not really if you think about it.

For years now, the ladies toilets have always been a hub of conversations: in bars, pubs, clubs – you name it. So it’s no surprise that networking events mimic the same pattern.

Let’s dig into why:


Constant communication is wonderful, especially after the pandemic limited this for us, however it can become very intense. The toilets are a great break from a large room of people, and this can be very relieving. This creates a feeling of ‘going backstage’, and with the pressure off, relaxed ladies can chat!


‘Girly’ Subjects

Women for the most part wear makeup, they have periods, they experience menopause: we have a lot in common being of the same gender.

Unfortunately, a lot of these subjects can be a bit taboo around those who don’t have it (the other species, the m word), and so it brings a certain type of closeness when women can discuss ‘backstage’ about the awful uterus kicking cramp they have, or where they got their awesome perfume and how it’s actually a dupe etc etc.



MEN SHUT YOUR EYES… There is always some form of gossip, a handsome fellow or a dreaded ex – and the bathroom is the best point of discussion for this. I hugely believe this comes from the whole culture of ladies toilets in bars and pubs, in a gossip full type of place, and now it is carried to most bathrooms at social events!

Nothing brings two women closer together than some fun gossip, no matter how business focused you are. We are all nosey.


The Walking Concept

Do you ever find it is easier to talk about difficult topics whilst walking or over supper? This is because you are distracting your hands and eyes by occupying yourself in a different task. You do not need to worry about facial reactions or body language, only about the conversation at hand.

When ladies go to the bathroom there is the inevitable extra spritz of perfume, reapplication of makeup, or checking your clothes are placed right – there’s adjustments in the mirror. This enables women to speak whilst occupied in their own tasks, taking away the pressure of certain elements in conversation.



So… next time you are networking and feel you need an extra connection, pop in the ladies for a quick makeup touch up, and maybe you might find your next lead, or future work partner.

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