Balancing Your Office Life With Your Home Life

LinkedIn has increasingly drilled into us that to be successful, we need to be working serious amounts of overtime, ‘hustling’ and being ‘productive’ in order to be on top of the business world.


This is not true. And it can negatively affect your home life and in essence, your mental health. Whilst it is important to work hard, it is also important to relax hard!


However, with this in mind, it can be hard to maintain healthy levels between home and work consistently. At Admire PR, our team’s mental health is of utmost importance to us. If they need time off, they have it. Because ultimately, they work hard.


So here are our Admire tips that might help in balancing both office life and home life to allow a healthy dose of each in your life:


Time to Detach:


At the start of the week or the morning, try to establish the hours you will work throughout the day(s). This will give you a rigid schedule of when to sign off and zone out of the work world. Your life should not consist of your work only!


Listening to your body:


If you are a bit of a work-aholic you will want to work for as long as you possibly can, which can be very bad for not only your mental health, but your physical too.


‘Saving time’ by skipping any exercise related activities to work is not okay on a regular basis. Furthermore to ‘save time’, you might start ordering fast food, which is ultimately awful for your body in the long run!


Learn to Relax:


This one applies especially to those who work from home, as they never really physically step out of the office.


Relaxing is so important for the human body, because if you don’t relax then your body will end up ‘forcing’ you to relax, practically just making you really ill. Learning to say ‘it is okay’ or ‘I don’t need to feel guilty for this time off’ is so important, otherwise the time off you have is wasted – you are more likely to be stressed by the end!


Speak to Work:


It is important when you are struggling with office and home balance, to be able to let someone at your workplace know. Nowadays, mental health is being recognised as something businesses need to protect. A good company to work for, is one that wants to see you grow and thrive in not only a work aspect, but a personal one too.


This should hopefully then lead you to some sort of solution that you and someone of greater authority in your establishment can fabricate.


Speak to Home:

Lastly, if you can, is to speak to those you live with, or are very close to. Explain how you are stressed that your work and home life are unhealthily ratioed. Having someone to listen to is always a great way to release tension, and if you’re lucky enough, the people around you might help you with getting back some more peace in your work and home life.


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