How Do Charities Use PR?

As you all know (as we keep telling you!) PR has many advantages for your business. You can help build your brand’s image and increase your credibility, you can also attract more customers by increasing your reach via press releases, award nominations, and building up press for new products and launches. 


Well, it is the same for a charity. PR helps them gain a wider reach to inspire more people to start fundraising and making donations. 


Social Media


Social Media channels are one of the most effective ways to reach people all around the world. Charities can create fundraising events that their followers can share to their networks and so on, encouraging more and more people to attend. Influencers that are connected to a charity will have thousands, maybe millions of followers. If they share a post or show their support for a particular cause, their followers will see it and become aware of events and opportunities to fundraise and donate. 


Furthermore, some social media sites such as Facebook actively encourage users to support charities by giving people the opportunity to promote one cause to their friends, on their birthday. 


Brand Ambassadors


A brand ambassador is someone external to the charity who advocates for its cause and spreads its message as far as they can. They help raise the profile of a charity and use their influence to support and promote an organisation as much as possible. They can use their social media presence to reach more people, either via posts or sharing videos and photos of events. Ambassadors can also host or organise fundraising events that appeal to the masses and reach a wider variety of people. 




Charities need to take as much advantage of the press as they possibly can, whether it is promoting a new event or even an interview with someone the charity has helped. Any positive mention in the media will help to promote the charity’s cause.


A charity can also share their stories highlighting their efforts and experiences. Showcasing that they are having a positive effect on the world and changing it for the better will appeal to the masses and appeal to their emotions. 


Taking advantage of these various methods of PR will help a charity reach as many people as possible. This will have multiple benefits as making more people aware will increase the change of donations and fundraising opportunities. Charities need PR to spread their message and increase awareness of their cause and showing that they are doing good work will inspire others to want to help.

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