How To Contact A Journalist in 8 quick steps

So you have a press story. And a release. The time has now come to contact journalists to share your story with the world! 


It can be a daunting task contacting a journalist. For starters you probably haven’t been in contact with them before, and secondly you want to make a good impression so you can do all of the right things.


Luckily once again the Admire superheroes are here to help with our step by step snappy guide written by Joe, one of our amazing team members.


Step 1

You need to perfect your article – don’t be afraid to proofread more than once and ensure that you have corrected all spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you choose a sensible photo that fits the article you have written.


Step 2

Compile together a list of journalists you think will want to publish your article. Organize these into a spreadsheet (this can be reusable for other articles you may write, and you can mark down what you have sent and to who).


Step 3

When sending your email, write down the title of your article as the subject line. 


Step 4

You don’t have to be formal! If you know the name of the journalist, you can use their name and can say Hi or hello!


Step 5

Introduce your article – who wrote it and a brief summary of the topic that it is about. 


Step 6

Offer to give any more information and answer any questions they may have. 


Step 7

Send your best wishes and sign your name and put your company name underneath.


Step 8

Don’t forget to attach your article and image – otherwise you’re wasting your time and the journalists.


Good luck!

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