Spring Clean Your Business

Springtime is upon us, the season of new beginnings. Lambs play in the fields, new flowers start to grow, and after a long cold winter, we decide to give our homes a spring clean. It’s the time of year to wipe up the dust and start fresh. However, it isn’t only your homes that need a clean, your business needs your attention too! Businesses, like all things, need caring for. They need to be looked after, and you have to ensure that your processes continue to run smoothly, productivity is maintained (or even better increased), and less problems arise.


Review Your Goals


To ensure your business stays fresh and current, you need to review your objectives. Has anything happened in the last year that has caused the direction of your business to change? The outside world is constantly shifting and going through changes everyday, and so is your business. As you grow and develop, your goals need to change with you. 


Reviewing your goals doesn’t only allow you to keep up with the ever-changing world, but helps you see if your business is on track. How many of your objectives did you meet last year? If you didn’t meet any, why not? The path you may have chosen to take might not be what’s most suitable for your business, and in this time of new beginnings, your business may need to take a different route. 


Not only is the world changing, but so are your customers. Their needs will not always be the same. You need to ensure your business is still solving their problems. If your customers don’t have a need that you fulfil, they will no longer come to you. 


Revise Your Marketing Strategy


Once you’ve reviewed your objectives, you may also want to revise your marketing strategy. You need to ask yourself, what has worked for you? Consider what marketing tools you use and how effective they have been in achieving your goals. 


Review your communication channels and understand which ones have been working for you and which ones haven’t. Look through your social media, are you engaging with your target audience? 


Assess your web analytics and consider where improvements need to be made. Where are you losing customers? What needs changing? Revising your marketing strategy will help your business plug these leaks, and help you achieve your business goals.


Tidy Up Your Website


As part of revising your marketing strategy, this time of year is as good as any other to review your website and start tidying it up. Things you need to do include:


  • Test out every link to ensure it works and takes your customer to the correct destination.


  • Ensure all copy and content is proofread, and any spelling or grammatical errors are corrected.


  • Make sure your website is up to date. Don’t have any offers or services that are no longer relevant to the work your business is doing today.


  • Your mission and values may have changed as your business has developed. Update your website to match your new mission.


  • All colours, logos and fonts need to be cohesive and fall within your brand guidelines. If this has changed – update everything.


  • Every business will experience staff leaving and new members joining your team. Your ‘who we are’ page will need to reflect your current team, and any employees who have left the company will need to be removed.


You have to ensure your website is up to date. If it isn’t, you may end up getting enquiries you do not want. An out-of-date website may confuse your target audience, and you can lose business.


Check-In with Your People


It’s important to make sure that you review, refresh, and clean your business. However, it is just as important to check-in with your team. Ensuring they are motivated and engaged will help improve company morale.


Communicating with your team and showing that you care will help strengthen your relationships and build trust between you. This will help increase staff loyalty, reduce turnover, and your people will want to work hard to achieve the business objectives. 


Encouraging teamwork will help create better working relationships between all your team members, and supporting your people will encourage them to be open and honest about any issues or problems they may be having. It is also an effective way of motivating your staff to come up with creative and innovative ideas that will help move the business forward. 


In this time of new beginnings, it is important that you care for your business. Ignoring your people, your marketing strategy and website will only damage your reputation, and you will not be able to meet your objectives. To succeed, you need to adapt and change with the times and make sure that your business is meeting your customer’s needs. 


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