5 Things Equestrian Businesses Can Learn from Other Industries

Marketing strategy and the use of digital marketing has become increasingly important for years now and the pandemic has only accelerated that with businesses with solid strategies thriving while others have struggled. As horse lovers we can often stay in the realms of the equestrian community – but what can we learn from the outside world? How can you grow your business larger than ever before?



  • The power of integrated marketing


People like consistency. A consistent brand image, voice and values go a long way with your customers and this needs to be clear across all of your marketing whether it’s on social media, in news articles, on your website or with brand ambassadors. Anywhere that your business is being talked about the message and key values should always remain the same to build trust with your customers. This is why it’s key to ensure you create a whole marketing strategy where all of your marketing activities feed into and compliment each other.



  • Award Entries 


There is a massive buzz around award entries in many industries and winning awards can really put you head and shoulders above your competition. When considering entering into awards you don’t just want to look at industry specific awards, but also opportunities in your local area. Sharing your achievements locally can attract new customers right on your doorstep!



  • Local Press & Partnerships


Traditional marketing can often be overlooked with the rise in digital marketing, but local press still has real value for your business. Being well known in your area can have a huge effect on your reputation, and so to keep everyone in the loop and seem a friendly business – local press is a God send.



  • SEO Backlinks 


A SEO backlink is a link in your blogs, or posts, that actually help attract more views to your content. This could include internal backlinks such as links to your other blogs, prices, other products. This could also include external backlinks, which take the reader to other websites that will be useful to them.



  • Expected Service


When you look at the biggest companies in the world you’ll note they all have one thing in common. They all deliver exactly what they promise in the time frame they say they will. With the rise of next day delivery, many retailers are missing out due to customers expecting what they want much quicker than ever before.


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