Caroline Gaskin & Clare Grierson Host Natural Health Pet Summit Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March 2022

The Natural Health Pet Summit takes place online Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March between 10am and 4pm.

A range of qualified individuals are attending the event to give talks in their given field. This includes holistic vets, animal behaviourists, dog trainers, animal healers, natural health practitioners, dog treat suppliers, a dairy farmer & animal welfare specialists.

Attendants will not only have their questions answered, but will also learn about real life case studies that professionals have faced when dealing with animals and their health.

‘We are excited to share so many wonderful specialist speakers with you, spreading the magic of natural animal care and wellbeing. We know you will come away from this experience with new ideas and insight into some amazing work being done throughout the world.’

Attendees are even encouraged to bring their pets to the webinar for fun, facts and the latest in animal pet care.

The event costs £25 per individual, but there is a surprise gift for the first 10 attendees of the meeting.

“Pet health care is so important, and something that both of us are so very passionate about. We are happy to have found a group of guest speakers who share this passion with us. We have been planning this event for a while now, and are excited for the weekend to commence!”

To learn more about the weekend webinar and where to buy tickets, follow the link here 


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