Taking Teams from Dysfunctional to Dynamic; new book Team, Lead, Succeed published

For the last 20 years, Nick Fewings has been working with teams around the world to motivate and inspire them to transform how they work and achieve even greater success.  He has also shared his knowledge and experience of teamwork at many conferences, providing delegates with practical tips and suggestions on how to increase their team’s effectiveness. 


Asked on many occasions, “Have you written a book about how to achieve high performance teamwork?” His answer has always been no, but that has all changed. 


Team Lead Succeed is for anyone who works in a team and wants to make a positive difference to the effectiveness of their teamwork. It provides tools, learning and practical suggestions to help teams achieve even greater success by understanding both WHO is in their team and HOW effective their teamwork is. 


“I believe this would definitely give value to a team or leader reading it. It’s really easy to read, whatever role you have in a team, and I love the fact there’s some practical take aways from it.” 


A pre-launch review of the book 


Team Lead Succeed helps teams appreciate those areas of their teamwork that are working well, while also highlighting areas that could be working better and need to be shared with the whole team, discussed and if agreed, changed. 



“I believe everyone in a team has a voice, which needs to be heard, especially when things aren’t working as well as they should be. After all, nothing will change if you do not take action and speak up.” 

Nick Fewings, Teamologist, Ngagementworks 


Author Nick Fewings, Director of Ngagementworks, after 10 years in leadership positions, has for the last 20 years facilitated team development.  He calls himself a teamologist, someone who specialises in the study of the dynamics of teamwork, using this knowledge to help teams become more effective. 


Nick is also the creator of the Team DyNAmics Model, used by teams to measure their effectiveness in 16 areas of teamwork. This allows teams to understand whether they are dysfunctional, average or high performing.  


He has facilitated team development with hundreds of teams and profiled thousands of team members. He has also delivered motivational keynote presentations at over 500 conferences around the world, sharing the knowledge he has amassed over 30 years. 


This book – Team, Lead, Succeed is based on what he has learned and how he coaches teams worldwide. https://ngagementworks.com/team-lead-succeed/


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