Five Signs You are in Desperate Need of Public Relations

Public relations is something every business should consider – but what are the warning signs that tell you you are in dangerous need of a PR strategy?


It is obvious that when you hit a crisis in your business and are receiving bad press, PR may be a good shout, but there is much more to this. There are many reasons behind having PR that stretch beyond obtaining a bad reputation.


On the fence whether it is necessary for you? We have you covered!


Your competition has overtaken you


Imagine this: you’re researching competitors, and then it hits you – they are way ahead of you! How do you stop this? PR! Public relations means your business receives the attention it deserves – both with clients and the press keeping you in that golden limelight. This means you are constantly attracting attention – therefore followers, mentions, trust and hopefully potential customers.


People do not understand the extent of what you do


Think of your business as a fancy gadget. People see it has multiple functions, but if they do not understand what these functions are, they will not see the gadget worth the money it is charged for. It is important to communicate your product or service, along with everything it does, features both big and small. The best way to communicate this to your audience is through good PR.


You are seen as old news


As a business owner, so much time, effort, sweat and tears are put into your work to make your visions possible. PR is something people tend to see as only needed with a project launch or some sort of event launch. This is so far from the truth. Once you become old news, your ideas and products appear outdated and unfresh. It provides a huge opportunity for other companies to barge into the spotlight and push you into the shadows. There is always news for your business to share – whether it be company updates, offers, or even wise advice from your company.


Media coverage doesn’t pop up when you search your company


If your company name hasn’t got any press coverage, or it sinks below the first page of a Google search, it is a good indication you need to step up your press game. Potential clients will not trust that you do the fabulous work that you do if they cannot see it in the flesh. Unfortunately, they cannot assume you are genuine, and will look for evidence. See these pieces of press as a Google version of a portfolio for your business.


Lack of connections


PR’s are wonderful creatures, as they seem to have someone for everything. Need a niche business link? Your PR knows twelve! Your PR knows a friend of a friend! Your PR knows someone who owes them a favour! As a public relations expert, you constantly meet new people daily. Connecting with various communities, even locally, means you are doing everything in your power to reach out to as many people as possible. After all, you never know where all your potential clients lie. In business, you cannot be a cat, and wait for everyone to come to you. You have to be more like a dog, presenting loyalty, showing off everything you can do by coming up to people.


If after hearing these 5 signs, you realise you need some sort of professional PR, or even a strategy plan, you are welcome to come to us. A call can be arranged with the CEO and founder of Admire PR, regarding what PR methods would suit your business, along with a strategic plan and a summary sent to you after. The choice is then yours to brave it on your own or become one of our loved clients, where the Admire team can work for you on an hourly rate to seek the attention your company deserves.

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