Celebrating 3 Years of Admire PR

The Admire PR team is without a doubt a talented box of cookies, but what did they want to be before the world of PR was introduced to them?

So many jobs when you are younger, like public relations, are not known when you are young, and so our job choices would not have been a public relations assistant, but something more known to 5 year olds!

However, how do we end up loving the jobs we had when we had such different dreams when we were younger? Some believe that it is all down to the characteristics we develop growing up, meaning our job now shares similar skill sets to that of our childhood dreams… so to celebrate 3 years of Admire PR, we present to you: The jobs our team wanted, and how the skills of those jobs help them in the wonderful world of PR:



Growing up Andrea wanted to be a nurse. This was not so much a shock to the team, what with her caring attitude. But what led her to PR?

The skill sets of a nurse include, communication, confidence, teamwork, networking, problem solving and empathy – all in which Andrea is rich in… to be the great boss lady she is today! Constantly communicating with confidence to a range of customers, she is a great problem solver. Not only great with customers, she is great with her team – providing support and empathy whenever it is needed, as well as motivating the whole bunch of us everyday!



More close than Andrea’s dreams as a kid, our Izzy wanted to be an author! The number one skill set of a writer is communication, which is one of Izzy’s major strengths. Ask her to write you anything – and she can! Another skill a writer must have is adaptability. Also in her third year of university, Izzy has mastered this, juggling her studying and working with amazing ability. Lastly is research skills. It’s no lie when it’s said Izzy can pull facts and figures out of google with the strength of iron man and the determination of wonder woman. A real asset!



Joe grew up dreaming of working with animals – big cats in particular! Training cats means you have to work under stressful conditions (being worried you’ll be eaten alive!). Luckily in PR the chances of being eaten alive are slim, but it’s undeniable – Joe is amazing at meeting deadlines and working calmly when things get stressful! Joe also has the patience of a saint, being able to persist in a job and never give in (just like big cat trainers!), even when the task at hand can seem tedious and long. Lastly, Joe is great at communicating, with the literal ability to explain rocket science to you as if it’s simple maths, making him a great hit with customers in sticky situations! Joe is a blessing to our team!



When Lula was growing up she wanted to be a dog trainer. It’s well known that people who work with animals have the biggest hearts, and this summarises Lula perfectly. She is a ray of sunshine within the team, always helping others and striving to make everyone’s day a little brighter. A bit like a dog trainer, Lula knows how to take control of a situation, she is always well organised and put together- no dogs would ever be running away on her watch! Her positive attitude, amazing writing ability and strong imagination make her lovable to both animals and humans. Our meetings would not be the same without Lula and perhaps a little cameo from her pug Elvis!



When Jess was growing up, she was scared of blood… to her parents’ surprise she wanted to be a vet! This dream however has many skills that Jess herself has taken into the fabulous world of PR. Jess is very patient, as a vet needs to be. She can wait for journalists and nudge them at the right points, getting us some fantastic press. Not only this, like a vet she has a thorough and methodical approach to her work – hardly ever making a mistake and always checking over her work. She has great communication skills also, making her an all round girl boss in the PR world… the team wouldn’t be the same without her!



No surprise Matt wanted to be a musician when he grew up. We have all seen his awesome guitar and lyric skills making songs up on the spot! To be a musician, you need many skills. First off is motivation and time management. Like a musician, it is important to work hard in the time that you have and keep the big picture in mind, working towards finishing a song… or clients work! A musician needs to be able to work with his band practicing teamwork. Matt works incredibly well in a team and always keeps the Admire family happy and cheerful. Lastly and most importantly, the musician has to have confidence. Matt can talk to an array of customers with confidence, giving them the trust in him to get the job done to the high standard he does! Lovely to have you Matt!




Head over to Admire PR’s Youtube to find more of our company’s birthday celebrations – with a video of Boss Lady Andrea Sexton reminiscing on the last three years… and revealing future plans!

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