Sharing Opinions Online: Is it Unwise?

Social media is considered a wide, explorative platform. It provides a unique ability to discuss issues that move us with people from around the globe. Whilst we cannot agree with everyone else’s personal and political opinions, for the most part social media is an excellent tool for promoting change and discussions. However, using your professional accounts to express these personal opinions can be considered foolish.

Seeing as so much of the work we do for our business’ socials involves creating a better image for ourselves, one controversial piece can be disastrous for how others perceive you. 

Society being largely shaped upon judgement and critique, we are always going to look at other people or things and form our own opinion on them. This means when posting potentially controversial statements on your business account, you give others the means to judge you. 


Many celebrities and people of influence have lost their jobs or severely damaged their careers by posting their opinions online. One notable example is SAS: Who Dares Wins frontman Ant Middleton, who temporarily lost his spot leading the successful programme after making unacceptable comments about COVID-19. Middleton had also made controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter movement and whether boys should cry to name a few things. Middleton’s refusal to keep his opinions private took a blow to his career. 

Despite being hotly discussed, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Broadcasting your opinions is dependent on many factors including the risks that you are willing to take to voice them.


Our leading lady Andrea Sexton, founder and CEO of Admire PR claims that despite the choice being entirely yours, it is advised to keep any ideologies to private conversations, rather than forcing them upon your online footwork- potentially damaging it in the meantime. 

“For me, everything I put out into the online world is all business, even on a personal account. The most personal thing I think I share is photos I took during my runs. I stay away from plastering political views, as some opinions could sever your following in half. It is true when they say everything you say and do is in fact PR!”

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