The Benefits of Newsjacking

Newsjacking is jumping onto other stories, taking advantage of current events in a way of promoting your own brand and/or product. Newsjacking is a great way of creating publicity and getting yourself talked about. The idea is to produce content that is either more entertaining or a deeper analysis on the topic that is currently getting talked about. Doing this can attract customers who had previously had no interaction or possibly had never even heard of your brand.

Newsjacking also shines the spotlight on your company, aligning your brand with current ideas and draws the attention of people to your brand. It highlights that your business is up to date with the goings on inside your industry, community and boosts the relevance of your products.

Newsjacking will not only boost engagement from new prospects and customers, but it will also help to increase your credibility and improve your brand reputation. It can also contribute to helping you to lead your market in thought leadership.

When planning newsjacking opportunities you need to:

Act fast – Don’t wait for your content to become irrelevant. Ensure you get in quick before the story no longer matters.

Monitor the news – Newsjacking is all about keeping up to date with current times. Monitor your social media to help you find new stories that you can take advantage of.

Choose the right story – When choosing the right story for newsjacking, make sure that it isn’t something that can trigger a negative reaction. Don’t choose something where people suffer like war or disasters. Take into account how people may react to the story you choose.

Stick to your brand – If you choose to jump on a story that is completely irrelevant to your business, then you are unlikely to generate any leads. Make sure that you are choosing a story that has a connection to your brand.

Mark down special occasions – Knowing that there are events coming up can be a huge benefit when it comes to newsjacking. You will be able to prepare in advance to perfect the post you plan to share. Make a note of these events, particularly ones within your local community and get the planning process started.

Newsjacking is a great opportunity to create publicity and generate awareness with new customers. It gives you the chance to get involved in news stories, stay current, and boost your brand’s reputation.

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