A Press Release – The Perfect Layout

To start with, a plain word document that can be easily copied and pasted works best. All extra images and logos should be attached as separate files, not within the document. Make sure when writing that you include:


  • The date for release.
  • A quote.
  • A link (make sure to put this in the editor’s notes)


Ensure when writing the press release that you start with a gripping and powerful headline that is specific and easy to understand. When looking at the main body, write the details following the 5 W’s: 


  • What is happening? 
  • Who is involved?
  • When is it happening?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Why does it matter?


Also provide some context to your press release, write background information directly related to your content. Keep your press release simple and direct. Make it easy for the journalist as they are human too and have tight deadlines to meet. 


Before you begin, make sure you find an interesting story or hook (make sure that others also find it interesting, it’s not about what interests you!) and then you’ll be able to start creating the perfect press release!

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