Branches of my Tree – Exploring the Essence of Life

We are so happy to be able to announce this book launch. It is a stunningly beautiful and poignant read. Do check it out….

We are delighted to announce the launch of Branches of my Tree, a glorious collection of prose that explores the essence of life. A book of reflection and of exploration for the stages of living, capturing moments and feelings in words.


Shorter than prose, but more robust than poetry. Each passage in Branches of my Tree is written from the perspective of different people in author Fabiha ‘Deem’ Haq’s life. Some parts have been scribbled under the table at Gala dinners, others typed feverishly on the phone to her husband after a frustrating parents’ evening.


These snapshots are significant because they’re derived from her personal experiences throughout her childhood and into her adult life, from leaving her hometown to navigating the trials of marriage and motherhood in an unfamiliar culture. The passages encapsulate moments of life that are both unique and relatable in their wider context, exploring thoughts and feelings that unite us all, and provoking the reader to reflect on their own life.


Known as glamorously passionate, author Fabiha has dedicated over twenty years of her life to education and children, working closely with special needs children. During the demolition of the Calais jungle, she taught English to refugees who were seeking asylum in the UK. She is an avid reader, dancer, and lover of yoga, and enjoys nothing more than being surrounded by her loved ones – her family, friends and dogs.


“You are the books you read. As an avid reader and writer, to finally produce my own book is important for me. I hope it gives as much joy to those who read the book as it did for me to create it.”


As well as the first edition hardback version, Branches of my Tree will also be available as a signed, luxury coffee table edition, which includes beautiful artwork to go alongside the thought-provoking passages. This is sure to be a favorite, which stirs conversation and gives you something to linger over, providing you with much food for thought.


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