Admire PR Launch Competition for Equestrian Companies Hit by Pandemic


News Announcement from Admire HQ!


At Admire PR we are pleased to announce a new competition aimed at equestrian brands or equestrian retailers who have been negatively affected during the pandemic.

Admire PR will offer the lucky winner £500 of free public relations assistance.

This could be used for revamping the winners marketing and PR strategy, for social media and / or blog content creation or can be put towards running a PR campaign.

The competition will close on 30th September 2021 and the winner will be chosen by 10th October 2021.
The winner will be chosen by the Admire team, which consists of 8 staff and 4 consultants and will be based on who they feel as a collective is most deserving of the assistance.

To enter, fill in this FORM

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