Book Launch News – Sailaday OK by Richard Hall

At Admire PR we love a new book and especially a book launch. We get to meet so many incredible authors. This book by Richard Hall is an honest and profound delve into addiction therapy, and his experience’s of using sailing and the benefits of being outdoors.


Sailaday OK – Recovery from addictions through marine-based psychotherapy

Richard Lannowe Hall shares incredible lifechanging insights in his new book Sailaday OK.

The book sets out what motivated Richard to start up the ground-breaking adventure therapy charity Sailaday OK. 

What makes this book special is the author’s personal narrative of overcoming addiction and trauma. Through this personal and professional journey, Richard created and implemented a therapeutic sailing program that incorporated marine-based adventure therapy. 


“One thing that aids recovery from addiction is connection – with others and with nature. Countless people have found the experience of sailing with Richard life-changing. This book is a fitting tribute to what was achieved by assisting troubled people find a deep connection with themselves and others through the power of nature.” Alison Cameron


“The book provides the story of how this program developed and the impact it had on participants’ self-concept, resilience, and self-esteem. In reading the story of the authors’ personal evolution, and the concurrent evolution of this innovative adventure therapy program, one cannot help but be buoyed by a sense of optimism and hope that outdoor experiential therapy may offer respite from the often intractable pain of addiction.” Dr. Christine Lynn Norton

Richard has made an important contribution to the addiction and psychotherapy field for which he rightly received a British Empire Medal. This book will be useful for students, practitioners and clients looking for options beyond talk therapy and the medical model of addictions treatment. 


“The author masterfully navigates between taking care of himself, the boat, and the others on board: their journeys are wonderful metaphors and honest explorations of the essence of both adventure and eco-therapy. If you are curious about how connections with others, with oneself, and with nature can be healing then do read this. It is as honest and as raw as the sea itself. This is a powerful journey inwards as much as one out to sea where the smallest of things can make the biggest difference. This book should be essential reading for anyone using nature in their therapeutic practice.” Dr. Stephan Natynczuk


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