Focus in Business – Top Tips from a PR Agency

As a former professional horse rider, I learned to focus on my task and eliminate distractions. I’m glad I had this experience, but it’s almost harder in business, as there are more tech distractions going on.

Focus is essential to achieving any ambitious goal successfully.

It ‘involves the ability to pay attention to things that will help, and to avoid distractions that will hurt your work efforts.’


As a busy PR agency, we have multiple projects ongoing at any time. Focus is key.

Each time you let your mind wander, you are wasting your own time, ensurin)g that projects will take twice as long, and most likely be half as good. (1)

We’ve looked at the top business focus experts and come up with our list of top tips for focus.


To be certain that you stay focused, set yourself a deadline.

Keep it short enough that you can see the finish line, allowing you to stay motivated to achieve the goal. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by new projects, otherwise you will end up with lots of projects started but unfinished.(2)

Maintaining your focus and passion for a project will help you stand out in your industry.

It is important to surround yourself with the right people, ‘like-minded individuals who will support, encourage and constructively criticise your actions and ideas.’

To stay focused, you need to be relaxed.

Rest and centre yourself regularly, taking the time to control your energy and quiet your thoughts.A relaxed mind will come from being able to set boundaries.

Set specific work hours and when you’re out of the office, leave the work tasks alone. Limit your tech usage, we have a fixation with our phones, laptops, and tablets, and this has led to multiple negative side effects such as eye strain, ADHD, and increased anxiety.

Switch off your electronics, stay off the internet and do something else, e.g. read a book, do some exercise. Keeping a
daily routine and limiting your tech usage will help to reduce stress levels.

If you prioritise your tasks, setting specific time limits (and sticking to them) for each individual job will reduce your procrastination and highlight errors that you can then address more efficiently. Implementing a routine sets yourself specific deadlines and enforcing these deadlines will aid in maintaining your focus in certain tasks. (3)

Understanding the limits on my time forces me to address the important
questions and focuses my ongoing pursuit and completion of the biggest
most important things.’ – Why Focus is the Number 1 Element of Business Success –
Jeffrey Hayzlett.

One of the most important tips to keep your focus is to just do one thing at a time.
This creates less margin for error and less distractions to split your attention. ‘When we’re focused on one thing alone, we get it right.’

Be consistent in what you are doing, set your goals, track your results, and do not give up.

It is important to not move onto something else until you have reached your goals. Pay attention to the steps you take and see how they affect the results. If you need to, set more actions to perform, and do not settle for less than great results. (4)


‘Focus is the gateway to all thinking.’ – Focus is the Gateway to Business Success –
Dr Jim Taylor.

This is a great summary from Jim Taylor.

We find now many more of us are working from home that it is worth re-looking at your environment.

  • Clear your mind, take some deep breaths and relax.
  • Prioritise your to-do list and create a focused workspace.
  • Remove all unnecessary clutter from your office, everything that doesn’t serve a specific work function, this will get rid of any possible distractions.

Then focus on the 4 Ps:

  • Perform – understand what it is exactly that you need to perform at your best and create that environment.
  • Process – what is it that you need to do to complete your task?
  • Present – focus on the now, not the past, or the future.
  • Productivity – focus only on things that enable you to be most productive. Eliminate all distractions.


Allowing yourself to focus helps you ‘perform at a consistently high level and be both effective and efficient in your work efforts.’

This leads to a higher quality of work and more success in the future.


1 Focus is the Gateway to Business Success – Dr Jim Taylor
2 The Importance of Focus – Julia Felton
3 5 Actionable Tips to Keep your Business Focus – Charles Broersma
4 How to Use the Power of Focus in Your Business – Gary Henderson
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