Who Am I? Delving into deep knowledge of yourself. A webinar by the team at The Quantum Questions.


2020 has created a situation where many of us have started to look further inwards and question parts of our lives. On Saturday 16th January, a half day online webinar by The Quantum Questions team with special guests will give valuable insights into questions including ‘who am i’, ‘what is a good life’, and ‘what is a quantum question’?


Running from 12pm – 3.30pm the webinar will have five expert talks and include Question and Answer time. The central theme to the webinar is the ethos of The Quantum Questions itself; The Quantum Questions.com is designed to awaken our curiosity and offer training to expand our consciousness.


Breath Coach Lucy Pattinson will begin the webinar with her session on why self discovery is so important right now,


“We always have the assumption that we know who we are, but often that is looking at ourselves from the exterior. It is like we are playing a role. The core of our consciousness is much deeper . So for true Self-discovery we need to go through the layers overlaying our deep Self. In times of great change, as we have right now, our exterior view of ourselves can be more confusing than ever – our outer roles are being stirred up. This is an extraordinarily powerful opportunity to find the way, the portal, to true Self-discovery.”


The other speakers include Fova Ofer Yariv and Catherine Dunworth who will speak about awakening the spark of intimacy and Nick Owen who will explore going beyond your individual identification by expanding into the Self.

Renowned meditation and yoga teacher Advaitananda Stoian will speak on ‘What are Quantum Questions?’ Advaitananda is the senior director of the Atman Federation. His background is in quantum physics, but for the past 30 years he has been teaching meditation and yoga. He is the author of a 3 year Meditation course. He explains self enquiry further,

“Self enquiry using the “Who am I?” question is one of the easiest and, at the same time, the most effective way to deepen the understanding and then the realisation of who we truly are. Even though it appears to be just a simple question, Who Am I? can guide us step by step to the realisation of the core of our consciousness, to the revelation of our soul – our Immortal self. This deep enquiry requires us to be curious and to follow the golden thread which is discovered with the question of Who am I?.”


The webinar will close with Greg Garrett exploring the concepts behind ‘how to live a good life’.


For more information and to sign up, you can visit:


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