How to become an expert who is the voice of your organisation

How to become an expert in your industry?

Being an expert who is the voice of your organisation is brilliant PR. There are many opportunities to share your expertise – at events, on TV & radio and in articles. But how do you establish yourself as an expert?

An excellent way of becoming well-known in your particular field is to write a book or series of books. This can be daunting at first, but a great way to get started is with a blog. This gives you time to get used to writing with less pressure. Blogs can be as long or as short as you want them to be depending on what you are planning to share, simply start with an idea and see where it takes you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a writer to help compile your blog or book.

But why does a blog or book help?

  • It’s an easy way to share knowledge & give a little of what you know away.
  • It will help get you and your business in front of more potential customers and keep you at the front of mind of your current customers.
  • It helps you get speaking and event invitations – which again puts you in front of more potential customers & potential partners.

If you don’t consider that being the spokesperson for your company is the right role for you, then there may be an employee who is perfect for the role – it’s okay to empower someone else with the task – especially if they already have a book or publish a blog.

It may sound strange but, it can even be something that isn’t work related. If one of your staff is a well-known figure in another sphere- such as with a sport or hobby – then they can still help promote the business they work for through their expertise. 

It may be that your business can sponsor their publication or book them to attend events and functions. It’s a commonplace cliché, but thinking outside the box is something a PR does daily. It always pays to have imagination and look beyond the obvious.

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