Public Relations book “What the H*ll is PR Anyway?”

What the H*ll is PR Anyway? – Andrea Sexton launches first book to help make PR straightforward. 


Gloucestershire-based Public Relations consultant Andrea Sexton, of Admire PR, has launched her first PR book entitled ‘What the H*ll is PR Anyway?’. 

Andrea has nearly 15 years experience in Public Relations and launched the book to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand how PR can be used as part of their marketing strategy. 


“Many business owners don’t understand how PR fits in with their marketing strategy and also how they can leverage the various tools of PR to promote their business effectively. This book is an easy read and is a straightforward introduction to the world of PR. It’s an aggregate of all the frequently asked questions I get. I want people to realise that PR is relevant to all; it can benefit all types of business.”


About the book

The book begins with an explanation of PR and also runs through the business foundations you need to think about before starting any campaign. It then follows through the main PR tools and some top tips for each. 

You can find the book here on Kindle from Amazon at a price of £4.99.

Andrea continues

This book is an introduction to Public Relations. It won’t answer all your questions, nor is it likely to turn you into an overnight celebrity success. It will give you a good basis to start with and will help you ask the right questions when you are looking for a great PR to work with. I take a slightly different view of PR than many other industry professionals. Much what I do stretches into the traditional marketing space due to my sales and strategy background. Too many people when they think of PR, think only of press releases and getting into the press as editorial. While that is a huge part of what a PR person does it’s not the whole story.” 




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